Recharge Your Adrenals - Recharge Your Life

Recharge Your Adrenals - Recharge Your Life

The adrenal glands are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys that are made up of two distinct parts.

The adrenal glands are designed to regulate metabolism and help you respond to stress.

If your body is under constant stress it can potentially cause adrenal fatigue. For many people if they took a step back and looked at their life they may see they are constantly under stress whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

Just recently I realized what I was doing to my adrenal glands by some of the exercises I was choosing to do. I personally love high burst sprints in a spin class! I realized from constantly doing this activity I was not giving my adrenal glands sufficient time to regenerate between workouts, I just kept tapping them over and over again.

I did not realize how vital these 2 little glands are to our bodies. So I started on a journey to find out what are some simple things that can be done to help recharge them.

Adrenaline Rush is there to help you in the time you need to run from something that may harm you. If you are tapping into that constantly in your life and not intentionally doing rebuilding of your body through the foods you eat and supplementing to keep the body at optimal function; you could end up with adrenal fatigue symptoms. Common symptoms: *Difficulty getting up each morning, even after a long sleep* High levels of fatigue each day Inability to handle stress *Cravings for salty foods* Higher energy levels in the evenings *A weakened immune system* Other symptoms that may occur:

There are a large number of other complaints that are associated with Adrenal Fatigue:

  • Asthma, allergies or respiratory complaints
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Dry skin
  • Extreme tiredness an hour after exercise
  • Frequent urination
  • Joint pain
  • Lines in your fingertips
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar
  • Low sex drive
  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness in your fingers / Poor circulation
  • Weight gain

How to start recharging your adrenals:

1) Go to sleep before 10:30 p.m. whenever possible, and wake up naturally without an alarm clock

A helpful way to think about your adrenal glands is like a set of batteries that energizes your body through the production of hormones like nor-epinephrine, also known as adrenaline or the "fight-or-flight" hormone; cortisol, which spurs energy and appetite levels while minimizing the immune system's allergic and inflammatory responses; and dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA, which balances the activity of cortisol, promotes a healthy heart and bones, and regulates the body's response to stress and trauma.

2) Focus your attention on love and affection, and 'think with your heart'

For many people, adrenal fatigue results from too much time spent worrying about things, whether they be related to work, family, relationships, or some other life factor. Perpetual stress and negative thoughts have powerful physiological effects that can sap your adrenal glands of their ability to mitigate these harmful thoughts and feelings.

3) Avoid sugar, caffeine, and other stimulants that put your body into overdrive

Two of the most powerful killers of proper adrenal gland function are coffee and processed sugars.

4) Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and 'superfood' nutrients

I personally use an Adrenal Support vitamin from Vervita products as well as a great multivitamin.

5) Exercise regularly, and expose your skin to natural sunlight

For many people, simply exercising and moving their bodies more in a healthy, stress-free way is enough to stimulate the body's own natural hormone production cycle. Regularly exposing your skin to natural sunlight, which stimulates the production of the vitamin D hormone in the body, is another great way to help fight adrenal fatigue, as vitamin D deficiency is often linked to the various symptoms associated with poor adrenal function.

6) Use a lot of salt

Himalayan salt is by far the best salt to use. Himalayan salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. I put 2 pinches of Himalayan salt into each liter bottle of water I drink. It not only may help my adrenals be at their optimum; it also helps keeps my electrolytes balance. Every morning I start my day with 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a glass of water. I know a lot of people will think "wow! That's a lot of sodium!" But when you do the research you will find that most people are not using even close to enough.

The above list are just suggestions. One thing I always tell people is that we are all biologically unique. Find out what works best for your body and do that often.

If I can leave you with one key thing to do: Take a moment to honor yourself. Whether it is sitting with a cup of tea and have a quiet moment, taking a quiet stroll, going for a hike in nature. It is important to take a moment that is just for you. You are worth it. I recommend doing this daily!

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