Michelle has been a mentor and life coach for over 10 years.  She loves watching people transform into their true God-given potential.  She has successfully helped many people through various stages of life; from eating disorders to restructuring eating plans for people with chronic illnesses, she has a proven track record of helping people excel to the next level in life.

At one point in her life she weighed 225lbs. " I had no idea how I looked at that time in my life until I had lost quite a bit of weight.  I remember at my heaviest weight I would look in the mirror thinking I looked really good.  I have a family picture that I see every time I go to my parent's house for the holidays that reminds me of how I once looked.  When my husband first saw the picture he didn't think it was me."

In her early 30's she got intrigued by learning more and more about nutrition.  People will come and ask her various questions from supplements to food on a daily basis.  She never gets tired talking to people who want to get healthy.  The people that know her know that she will never recommend something she has not tested and tried personally.

When it comes to creativity and nutrition Michelle has an out of the box ability to look at a recipe and re-create it in a way that the body will utilize it effectively that is still in the way that she feels is in alignment with the way we are created to eat. They say the best experience in life is experience and Michelle certainly has the experience that surpasses any college education in the arena of health and nutrition.  

You can't get health from a book.  You get health by making small positive changes over time and you wake up one day thinking to yourself "Wow! If people saw how I take care of myself, they would think I am a radical!" -Michelle Grant