Welcome to Original Intention!

Welcome to Original Intention!  I am so excited to have you be a part of an incredible journey of becoming your true self!  I know if you are reading this that you are one of those people who realizes that there is more to life than just barely making it.  That somewhere inside you - you hear a voice saying "there has to be more than this".  Well we are here to tell you that there is MORE, so much more than just inching by day to day.

Like many of you, I have been in the same place before as well.  Run down and tired all the time, with this little voice gently whispering in my ear "there is more than this. Life is short.  There is another level of living."

Through many trials of various self help and nutrition programs, I had found myself so frustrated because none of them quite worked for me.  Trial and error seemed to follow me like two uninvited friends.  I did  not know at the time why I just didn't throw in the towel.  Over a year ago, something clicked in me, I had done all these different "attempts" at making myself the best me ever to find what actually works for me.

I hope like me, this journey sets you free.  Free to smile again, free to laugh again, free to love yourself again and free from fear.

Life is short my friend.  You are worth more than silver, and more than gold.

My prayer for you is that through the pages of this website your true potential is unlocked and you soar like you were created to soar!